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It's Not Just floss...

see why Cocofloss is different


Who founded Cocofloss?

We are the Cu sisters. Chrystle, the dentist, is an avid, pro-flosser. Cat, the artist, is a little lazier on the flossing frontier.

We started COCOLAB to make flossing and oral care – an essential yet often neglected daily routine – more fun, motivating, and rewarding for everyone. We are a small, sister-run business based in San Francisco, CA. 

Why is Cocofloss better?

Typical dental flosses are too smooth, flat, and slippery to scrub off plaque. For instance, Glide is made of Teflon – the same non-stick material that coats frying pans!

Cocofloss – the loofah floss – is textured and columnar. Cocofloss is made of hundreds of sturdy polyester filaments that are loosely twisted together. These filaments provide a soft, fibrous surface that captures and removes more plaque.

How long does Cocofloss last?

We recommend using shoulder-length floss, approximately 18 inches, each day. If you floss daily, your 32 yard Cocofloss supply will last two months!

What are the ingredients in Cocofloss?

Cocofloss is a polyester floss bathed in coconut oil, wax, and fragrances to leave your mouth perky and fresh. 

Ingredients include microcrystalline wax, coconut oil, and natural and synthetic fragrances.

Is Cocofloss recyclable?

Our paper boxes are made of 100% recycled paper fibers and can be recycled.  

Our floss containers can also be recycled. We recommend pulling out the metal cutting blade before tossing the containers in the recycling bin.