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fully-stocked with #Cocofloss πŸ˜‰

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"I like the fiber feel of Cocofloss.  It’s easy to handle, easy to use, and the flavor variety adds a fun component to daily flossing." 

Dr. Gary DeWood | Scottsdale, AZ

"I instantly fell in love with Cocofloss! The stylish container and appearance is just the icing on the cake. I have never had a floss clean as effectively as Cocofloss. I notoriously build up plaque and calculus on my lower anterior teeth. But with gentle yet thorough flossing, I am able to maintain it between my hygiene appointments. My staff and patients have fallen in love with Cocofloss as well."

Dr. Ashley Saunderson Harrison | Chico, CA

"I didn't realize what a poor job other types of floss do at cleaning my teeth until I used Cocofloss. It actually removes plaque! So I spread the word. Now my wife loves this floss. My hygienists love this floss. And I love this floss. Any patient who uses Cocofloss daily would probably end up seeing me a lot less often."

Dr. Christopher Jen Kin | Pacifica, CA

"Cocofloss removes more plaque than any other floss I have ever used. My wife hates flossing, but she doesn't mind flossing with Cocofloss. The flavors are subtle and refreshing. We have definitely noticed an improvement in our gum health."

Dr. David Kim | Fife, WA

"It's almost like flossing with Unicorn hair. You've taken flossing to a whole new level. In this case I must agree with my nine other colleagues and say, '10 out of 10 dentists agree.'"

Dr. Brian Novy | Westborough, MA

"Cocofloss is the best floss I've ever used! Even as a dentist I will honestly confess that I never flossed daily. Not until I was introduced to Cocofloss earlier this year. Now, I floss EVERY DAY. Cocofloss is so gentle to the gums and you can actually visually see the plaque being removal. Not only do I enjoy flossing now, but I feel the NEED to floss every day because of how much cleaner and healthier my teeth and gums feel afterward. I recommend this floss to all my family, friends, and patients. I have now been converted to a flosser thanks to Cocofloss!" 

Dr. Audrey Su | Fairless Hills, PA

"An inventive floss that not only works better than any other floss brand, but is also fun to use. Cocofloss is an exciting new addition to dentistry."

Dr. Arvin Tounian | Las Vegas, NV

" staff and I fell in love with it. It tastes amazing, it grips well and is easy to use, and the multifilament floss feels spongy and has a little expansion making it feel gentle on the gums. The coating, which I assume is coconut oil, helps it glide easily between teeth..."

Dr. Brian Baliwas | San Francisco, CA

"My staff and I really like the floss. I have tight contacts and it's great to have a tasty, thick floss that gets between teeth with ease. My hygienists gave it their approval too."

Dr. Robert Soto | SF, CA

"As a dental professional I take my own oral hygiene very seriously. I heard about Cocofloss through a colleague and decided to give it a try. The floss works very well and I love the flavor. It gets more plaque off than traditional floss and tastes and smells great. I would definitely recommend Cocofloss to anyone."

Dr. Christopher Duong | Lancaster, TX

"I prefer to use Cocofloss because it is much more effective at removing plaque. It's thick, but still slides easily between my teeth and feels like it's massaging my gums. I love the variety of flavors, especially the Crisp Melon!"

Dr. Jennifer Moran | Salinas, CA

"I love the feeling of the deep clean I get with Cocofloss, especially in those hard-to-reach areas at the back of the mouth. Cocofloss is thicker than some types of floss, but very adaptable, and glides easily through my tight contacts. It smells and feels amazing."

Dr. Lucinda Hall | South San Francisco, CA

"The best floss I have ever used. Does a great job making my gums and teeth healthy. It even has awesome flavors like coconut which I love. I wish all of my patients could use Cocofloss."

Dr. Matthew Jeffers | Santa Rosa, CA


"I really like Cocofloss. The dispenser is attractive and easy to use. The floss is easy to hold,  multifilament, and seems to pass between the teeth easily. It is my current floss of choice."

Dr. Bill Lundergan, Professor & Chair  
University of the Pacific, Dugoni School of Dentistry 

"I am just like many of my patients, I hate to floss. Being a Periodontist, I am very picky what I personally use and what I recommend for my patients. I love this floss!!! It is easy to use, cleans great, tastes great and does not traumatize my gums. Good job Cocofloss!"

Dr. Stephen John | San Mateo, CA

"I love Cocofloss. As a periodontist, I know good floss when I try one!"
Dr. Allison Yen | Newbury Park, CA


"I was first intrigued when I encountered Cocofloss, because I, like many, have been bitten by the coconut oil bug. From the first snap between my tight contacts, I was hooked! It is gentle, doesn't shred, and sweeps away plaque that other flosses don't. I flossed with another floss and then flossed again with Cocofloss and couldn't believe all the plaque that floss #1 left behind! The flavors are subtle and delicious and I love this floss! My patients love it too! Highly recommend!"

Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz | Salem, MA


"Love this floss! Soft woven was my only floss until Cocofloss! My hubs and son both love this floss and have been flossing since! Finally!"

Lina Ngo, RDH | San Mateo, CA

"I LOVE the floss. It's so much better than woven floss and it doesn't have the powder. Also, love the packaging!"

Andrew Lee, RDH | San Francisco, CA

"This is the ultimate floss! The scent is really pretty - makes me feel like I'm on an island while flossing. My favorite thing about Cocofloss is the soft woven texture. It does not slip and allows me to have full control of the floss. I also have areas that are food traps and Cocofloss removes the food particles very effectively. I would recommend this floss to my patients, family and friends."

Tevy Sophorn, RDH | San Francisco, CA"

"Cocofloss is very gentle on the gums, yet the microfibers remove all the food and plaque in the pockets.  As a hygienist, I've seen some patients who hurt their gums from flossing, and they now love the texture of Cocofloss.  No more trauma from flossing!  The pleasant scent on the floss motivates patients who hate flossing as well.  My favorite one is the strawberries.  Love the fresh scent!"

Maiko Casias, RDH | San Mateo, CA

"Cocofloss not only is the most efficient way to remove plaque but it makes flossing an even easier task. It's gentle on the gums, has great flavors, nice indicator on the packaging, does not shred, and easy to grip even when it's wet. My family, friends, and patients love it too! I highly recommend it to everyone."

Edith Abayan, RDH | San Ramon, CA

"I'm crazy about this floss. Best ever... my favorite!!! The texture and thickness is just right that it makes flossing so easy. It does an awesome job at removing plaque and it comes in yummy flavors. Highly recommend Cocofloss to everyone!

Angie Shew, RDH | San Francisco, CA 


"I love my cocofloss. I actually get the cleaning I'd like to see between my teeth. Unlike other flosses it actually removes plaque!"

Dr. Alexa Alborzi, Orthodontics | San Mateo, CA