Cocolab Reveals the Secret to DELIGHTED, Cavity-Free Smiles 

Sisters Improve Dental Floss So That It’s Impossible to Forget

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 2015 – Since so many Americans dislike flossing and purposefully forget about it, Cocolab has reinvented floss so that it's impossible to ignore. The company's new, alternative dental floss, Cocofloss, is so effective at cleaning that customers crave it, and its fresh, fruity flavors offer a slice of tropical paradise. Cocofloss is available as a mail subscription to help build the habit of flossing daily. It can be purchased at

Dr. Chrystle Cu created Cocofloss with her sister, Catherine, to inspire people to take better care of their smiles. Like many professionals, Dr. Cu struggled to convince her patients, including Catherine, to floss regularly. At the same time, she believes that many dental issues and gum disease could be prevented with proper flossing and better floss.

Of the fillings completed at her own practice, fillings involving areas between the teeth outnumber the rest by a factor of two to one. She says, “I’m tired of being the bad guy, diagnosing cavities that people can’t see. This is where Cocofloss comes in – patients love how clean it makes their teeth and gums feel. For the first time, people are telling me that they actually look forward to flossing!"

Customers and dentists alike love Cocofloss. “I instantly fell in love with Cocofloss,” says Dr. Ashley Harrison, a dentist and enthusiastic flosser in Chico, CA. “I notoriously build up plaque and calculus on my lower teeth. But with gentle yet thorough flossing, I am able to maintain clean teeth between my hygiene appointments. The stylish appearance is just the icing on the cake!”

After just a week of using Cocofloss, Aisha Sheik admits, “I’m definitely hooked and in need of the coconut flavor that will take me to the Indian Ocean every night.”

“Relax and floss,” says Dr. Cu, “This is the not-so-secret ingredient for those who want to keep their teeth for a lifetime.”



Cocolab is on a mission to make the world more beautiful with healthier smiles. The company aims to inspire people to take amazing care of their smiles by creating experiences people love. Cocolab invites everyone to relax, floss, and keep their teeth for life. The company was founded in 2014, and it is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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