Sisters create fun, impactful floss to rewrite the tale of tooth decay and loss

July 2016 – Cocolab – a creative, mission-driven company designing delightful products for healthier smiles – is on a mission to transform the way folks feel about their dental floss. Their product Cocofloss—a superior, high-intensity floss—debuted last fall and is cultivating a new generation of enthusiastic flossers. Cocofloss can be purchased at and a growing number of retail, beauty, and wellness stores across the United States. Sisters Dr. Chrystle Cu and Catherine Cu started Cocofloss to help save beautiful teeth from premature death and decay.

Dr. Cu says, “It’s disappointing whenever I have to cut into a tooth to remove decay. Even sadder when a tooth cannot be saved.” Like many professionals, Dr. Cu struggled to inspire her patients to floss regularly. At the same time, she and other professionals believe that many teeth could be saved with proper floss routines and technique.

Cocofloss’s dynamic combination of flossing and fun—imagine a high-intensity cleaning fused with the comforts and pleasure of a tropical vacation—has gained a devoted following. For the first time in the history of humans and floss, consumers and dentists alike are feeling pumped up and passionate about their dental floss.

Customers describe Cocofloss as their “dream floss,” self-describe as “floss fanatics,” and fear the “panic” that sets in when they run out of Cocofloss. Lily Johnson in Boston, Massachusetts says Cocofloss turned her daily flossing experience “from a chore into a daily indulgence.” After just a week of using Cocofloss, Aisha Sheik in San Francisco, California admits, “I’m definitely hooked and in need of the coconut flavor that will take me to the Indian Ocean every night.” Dr. Brian Novy in Westborough, Massachusetts raves, “It’s almost like flossing with unicorn hair.”

The Cu sisters believe that their plan to help fix the world’s teeth retention problem is working. Catherine says, “We’re those quirky people cheerleading folks to floss everywhere we go, and we’re lifting floss culture, one floss at a time.”


Cocolab is on a mission to make the world more beautiful with healthier smiles. The company aims to inspire people to take amazing care of their smiles by creating experiences people love. Cocolab invites everyone to relax, floss, and keep their teeth for life. The company was founded in 2014, and it is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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