August 2015 Newsletter

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September to October 2015 Newsletter

  • This state, Arkansas, the largest rice producer in the US, produces more than 9 billion pounds of rice annually across ~2 million acres.
  • Jerry Rice holds over 100 NFL records.
  • Rice is California’s 4th biggest crop by acreage, after almonds, alfalfa, and grapes.
  • Growing up, Condoleeza Rice, wanted to be a concert pianist. Today, this French and Russian-fluent woman is one of the most influential leaders in global politics.
  • This month, philanthropist, Bill Gates, expressed excitement about scuba rice, which can survive ~17 days of flooding. These robust seeds will help farmers in India adapt to growing extreme weather and climate change.
  • This country, Indonesia, is the third largest rice producer in the world.

October to December 2015 Newsletter

  1. This mythical animal, the narwhal, has a giant tusk on its head that is actually a long tooth! Unlike our own teeth, it is soft on the outside, and gets harder on the inside. The tusk serves as a giant antennae-like sensor.
  2. A recently discovered tooth fossil suggests that predatory supersharks roamed the shallow seas of what is now Texas ~300 million years ago. Except for teeth, sharks don’t show up in the fossil record since their skeletons are made of soft cartilage that breaks down. Sharks continually shed their teeth, and may sometimes shed 30,000+ teeth in their lifetime.
  3. If you don’t floss, you miss cleaning 35% of your tooth surfaces!